TANGO Binary Translator

What is TANGO?

Tango is a binary translation system for GNU/Linux and Android which allows unmodified 32-bit ARM programs to run on 64-bit only ARM processors.

  • Tango supports the full 32-bit ARM and Thumb instruction sets, including floating-point (VFP) and SIMD (NEON) instructions.

  • Tango can run all top 1000 Android apps and has a >99% pass rate on LTP tests. See more on compatibility

  • Tango's performance running translated code is usually within 10% of native execution speed. See more on run-time efficiency

  • Tango is a mature product. Tango v1.0 was released in July 2019 and has since been commercially deployed by major ARM SoC companies around world.

Learn more about the technology behind Tango

What do we offer?

As the creators of Tango, we offer:

  • Tango software licenses for commercial deployment or re-distribution.

  • Support services for integration, testing, deployment and new feature development.


Tango can be downloaded for evaluation purposes as an integration package and as reference images for Pixel phones and AWS.

Download Tango for evaluation purposes

Contact US

For inquiries, please email us at info@amanieusystems.com.

For Tango licensee account application, please fill in this application form.

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