Download v1.0.1


Tango runs in a license controlled environment. The integration package and reference images come with an evaluation license that allows programs to run continuously for up to 4 hours, which is subject to our EULA. For a longer evaluation period or commercial deployment, please contact us at


The Tango integration package contains all the software and documentation needed to integrate Tango into your Linux or Android environment, including:

  • Tango binary translator, Tango pre-translator, Linux kernel patches, Android integration patches, and documentation.

Download the latest Tango integration package

Tango reference Images and Platforms

The Tango reference images are complete, ready-to-run system images with Tango from the integration package. You can download them and quickly start evaluating Tango without going through the integration process.

Google Nexus 5X

This image is based on AOSP Android 8.1 and allows you to evaluate Tango on a physical phone.

Download the Nexus 5X reference image

AWS Ubuntu 18.04

This ARM64 server environment allows easy and quick evaluation of Tango in a Linux environment.

  • Launch an instance with the Tango pre-integrated AMI.

  • SSH into the instance as user "ubuntu".

  • Follow the instructions in the README.txt file in the home directory.

Android on AArch64 QEMU/KVM

These images run Android in QEMU/KVM-based virtual machines, suitable for running on ARM64 servers.

2 flavors of Tango pre-integrated Android images are provided:

See our QEMU setup guide for instructions on setting up your system to run these images.